Revolves Around You


Context, Plan, Scope & Preferences

Scrum Plan

Steps, Process, Milestones & Communication


Clarity, Signoff & Kickoff


Trust Before Everything Else


Trust takes time, the process ensures you get enough time to take right decision. Additional calls and meetings are always welcome.



The entire process revolves around making it easy for you. That said, there will be complete transparency in the engagement. No fine print.

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy


The initial steps involves discussions getting to know you and the way you work. This makes sure the entire process is structured around your most productive time and way of working.

Only One Task


After kickoff, you would only focus on one immediate task. Everything else needed would be taken care of. You would always be on top of things yet have only one thing to do at any point.

Make Work Joyful


Working on long term goals might be less fun as the reward comes later. But if the focus is on the task, the completion of task itself becomes a reward and the activity joyful.

Embrace setbacks


Sometimes things take time or we get unexpected setbacks. Dwelling on that never helps. Setbacks are expected and the barriers would be broken.

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