Disappointed by an Employee’s Performance?

if Role Expectation = Skillset then Great

else if Role Expectation = Skillset + Training then Still Great

else Disappointment

  • Unclear role expectations
  • Not evaluating skillset needed
  • Not giving required training means
  • Disappointment for all involved

When an employee is not able to scale up whether as new hire or in a new role, first thing to do is to back track.

  • Was the employee evaluated for new role?
  • Were they told the expectations for the role?
  • Did they have the skillset?
  • If not, were they trained for the role?

Asking these questions leads to the actual issue.

Usually when someone is not performing, it is easy to blame the person and either they are let go or worst case scenario nothing is done.

Asking the real questions gets the right answers else only disappointments.