Why we do what we do?

This question stumps most of the people I get to interact with.I am in process of figuring it out as well. Maybe give it a shot yourself.

Why you are doing what you do?


Why you want to do what you want to do?

Unhappy Professionals, people starting a venture, Folks who want to have spiritual progress – all are busy, have worries, aspirations. But why?

The response is never spontaneous. It takes way more time than a poorly designed application to load.

And finally it is not convincing and they know it. The truth is we never think about it deeply.

So, when we are not sure, why should our thoughts and time be dedicated 24/7 to our career exclusively.

  • Can you spend time with family without guilt?
  • Can you make time for friends without any agenda?
  • Can you read a book not related to your career?
  • Can you take 2 days off and not worry the world is going to fall apart?

And the irony, when we start enjoying our life we are far more productive. Else we are just busy and miserable.

We seem to forget we have a choice. And we raise our kids thinking they do not have any choice either.

But even if we become aware, would we choose a better life?