Charity Marketing to Gratitude Marketing

Our preferred hospital is bit far compared to many others close by. The reason is they care.

Right from nurse staff to doctors to pathology to emergency everyone cares. There is a longer wait time, patients crib but they don’t go elsewhere. But the hospital never says they care. It is a given.

We live in a world where marketing and branding rules be it for individuals or companies, but when companies show empathy, compassion and it is marketed does that help?

  • We took a chance with a senior / jobless candidate
  • We offered way more than the candidate expected
  • We helped a sick employee

When this happens the focus seems to be on the “we” than the act itself. It means empathy, compassion, doing right thing are all not given by default. It is something extra the organisation is doing.

Also somehow it makes it look like charity and the person receiving the benefit does not deserve it.

But when all these are a given, when they are default there is no need to market. The employees, candidates, vendors, partners all become brand ambassadors.

Then it becomes a gratitude story.

I think the best brands are the ones where others do the talking while they focus on giving. Yes it takes time, but all great things take time.