Catastrophic Failure

Writings been on the wall, but have been looking at the wrong wall.

Catastrophic failure need not be at wework level. It happens in companies of all sizes in terms of projects, programs, small ventures, initiatives as well.

But sometimes what is common among those failures is they were anticipated by most except the leader in charge.

Mostly in these scenarios some brave heart usually brings the topic of things going wrong. There will be some murmurs, some informal discussion on changes needed.

But they do not fall in the ears because the person in charge does not want to hear it. They are so sure of success that anything else becomes noise that needs tuning out.

The facts are not considered but the idea of what could be the outcome takes much greater precedence. Any evidence that supports the claim are broadcasted.

And people who do not want to contradict or look bad, support the claim and fan the flame.

Great leaders take an effort to listen to folks who read the writing on a different wall. When this aspect of listening becomes the default culture the success is not limited to a project / program instead you get a winning firm.

Emperor’s new clothes is more relevant now than ever.