Ask and ye shall receive.

There is nothing more unsettling than seeing a doctor being unsure about diagnosis but proceeding with a treatment.

Like any other profession, doctors also have a learning curve. And experienced nurse staff know more on certain aspects than new doctors. This is one reason there is huge crowd to see main doctor than duty doctors who usually are fresh graduates.

We had had the unsettling experience few times and what reassures me is when the doctor asks for opinion of the nurse when they are unsure. Sometimes the nurse pitches in during consultation or after and they change the treatment.

This gesture of listening to someone supposedly in a lesser role itself is enough to build trust with the doctor. The next time we have to see this duty doctor we are no longer worried where they are in the learning curve.

This happens in work place also. When unsure, consulting your boss, team, customer, any stakeholder we need to, is a great quality.

When we are not sure, it usually shows and customers become reluctant to work with us again. Not asking is a major reason for wrong commitments.

When we ask for time, for clarity, for another discussion it means we can take better decisions.