Misplaced Priorities

  • 🤡 Some Retail Shops have quirky and funny names
  • 🎤 Some Restaurants have song and dance routine
  • 🕺 Some Companies have flash mob for new hires

While these are good fun, they are still cosmetic. These are not a benchmark for essential aspects.

  • 🛒 Shops should still focus on having good products and good experience for customers
  • 🥘 Restaurants still need to have amazing food and timely service
  • 👩‍💻Companies still need to focus on entire life cycle of employees right from hiring till exit

These things take time and are hard to do. The cosmetic things get eyeballs and are easy. And others want to do this too. It is not rare to get carried away by the fancy aspects.

Leaders should be clear that the essential aspects are taken care of consistently and fancy aspects only add to those.

Once they start distracting and are given higher priorities, it usually back fires.