Politicians, Managers and Sales People

What do the following professionals have in common?

  • Politicians
  • Managers
  • Sales People

Well, they all have acquired a negative connotation.

The roles have been abused by some over the years and now Politician means corrupt, managers are the top reason for employees to leave and sales person is someone who keeps selling snake oil.

All these valuable professions have lost their mojo due to some and that is why the designations has changed.

  • Politicians are Policy Makers
  • Managers are Leaders
  • Sales is Business Development.

But the name does not matter. It is how people function in that role that determines how the role is viewed.

Politicians need to be smart, visionary, bold, diplomatic, intelligent and they could be game changer for a country.

Managers are the vital cog wheels for any organisation. Remove them and everything crumbles. They need to absorb all the pressure and motivate the team to do well.

Sales People drive business forward. They represent the company and the product. They promote the value not the product. Without them the company would not survive and the customers lose out on something valuable.

We do not need new designations, we just need more politicians, managers and sales people who know the importance of their role.