When I was in high school, we moved and had to switch school. I was not studious and the new school had a very relaxed environment. Though my studies did not improve, my rank did.

I told my friend from earlier studious school about this and mentioned there is not much competition. His immediate reply was, “Then why didn’t you come first?”

Irrespective of size of the company, some would always have complaints. But before complaining we need to see if we can contribute better, learn better within those constraints.

If we do so, the focus shifts from using the environment as excuse to start working on personal development.

Some leaders also have complaints on employees, budget, customers and other factors. But again we need to ask,

  • Is this the best we can do with the available resources?
  • If things we complain about are within our scope and control, should we even complain?

Then the perspective shifts from assigning blame to addressing issues.

Successful Companies scale when both leaders and employees introspect before they complain. And if there are any complaints still, it means those are genuine and need to be taken care of.

When this culture is not encouraged, all that is left is trading hollow complaints.