Move Your Wish List
To Done Projects

Scrum Master For Founders

You want to work on an awesome goal, but you are busy with current work. No sweat, I got you covered. 

Some Wish List Goals to Done Projects

Founder Effectiveness

Business Development

Marketing Initiatives

New Partnerships

Hiring Strategy

Streamlining Process

Does This look Familiar?

You Have Awesome Ideas & Goals

Keep Thinking About It

Occupied With Existing Work

Goals Remain In Wish List

Why Awesome Goals Overwhelm Entrepreneurs?

There is always one fire fighting task

For every creative task there are 100 management tasks

Motivation is limited, C'mon

Don't want current work to be impacted

What if the effort goes waste?

I am doing it alone here, hello.

What If You Have A Scrum Master
Working With You Exclusively
On Your Awesome Goals?

What Goes Off Your Plate?

Don't Worry About
Process, Tools & Systems

Maintaining Plans & Schedule, Not Your Problem

We can safely kick that Fickle Motivation

Your Current Work Stays Intact, Yay

You Decide The Schedule

No Longer A Lonely Journey, We Will Kick-ass Together

What Do You Do

Continue your current work.

Business As usual

Just One Scheduled Task Everyday

Awesome Project

What Happens To Awesome Goal?

Start Working One Step At A Time

No Impact On Current Work

Compounding Progess on Your Awesome Goal

Awesome growth

Scrum Master For Your Awesome Goals

Who Am I?

Srinath Badrinath - Bandhu For Entrepreneurs

My Ikigai is to listen. FounderScrum was stared to leverage my Ikigai with a common problem.

I get things done with people, process and technology. Great, but only when I work for someone else. When it comes to my own work, I get stuck easily and my get bogged down by setbacks, urgent and day to day work. I realized this is quite a common issue for entrepreneurs.

Previously I worked for one of the largest technology company and have helped scale a SaaS startup.